International Date Night

Somewhere in the world BFG is doing something that I’m not. Which is yay because I like him experiencing things. However, tonight is…date night! First official one we’ve ever had, but we communicate so well that it’s just a continuation all over night. We’ve double dated with his friends on voice Skype and Cards Against Humanity, but nothing like a set date just for us. Only been 5 months.

So what will we do? Well, I’m thinking planning our house and designing pieces together. Note, he’s spooked himself before when discussing possible move-in but it’s something he constantly talks about now. So. I’m thinking we can have fun designing. We’re pretty different in our aesthetics – thankfully we can match them to each other. Date night begins at 4pm EST/10pm Germany.

[8 hours later]

…And now date night is over. So, it’s hard coming up with some kind of activity since he’s in Germany and YouTube isn’t really available to have popcorn night with. Doing some insanely difficult investigation online I found the idea of decorating homes, which is actually relevant since eventually I’ll be living with him. And, moreover, I wanted him to see how I decorate and what I enjoy. So, we created floorplans and decorated with RoomSketcher, which is really useful and fun. We (I) decided to create studio apartments and go from there. As his first time using an online creator, his was pretty bare and basic since he was looking at first place. Mine was far more elaborate since I’ve been designing for years. And I’m really, really lucky that BFG likes my feminine touches. Not a lot of storage because I think we should find those things in yard sales or secondhand jobs. Something to add character. And I love each of the chandeliers and lights. Oh, and keeping windowsills for the cats we will have.

Studio floorplan

Studio layout. No separate bedroom/walls to create light throughout since the windows are pretty thin/vertical.


Bathroom. No tub since I decided to have more space in the living areas. And giving up a tub is a huge concession since I actually need a tub when my diabetes goes wonky and I have to warm up, but that shower works cause seat and steam.


Bedroom and closet in the alcove. A sense of privacy. There’s a horizontal window above the head of the bed.

Studio - Dining

View from the corner of the kitchen. Dining room. Unseen, large painting. You can see the horizontal window above the bed here.


Behind the front door and the wall connecting to the bathroom. Desk and coat tree.


Kitchen. No pantry as of yet. May end up making a small island for our food. Planning on European kitchens, so a lot of buying as needed. Had a smaller fridge but it didn’t work in the height. This one is way too tall. Prefer red/colored appliances but not everything matched.


Living room with a small couch. Will have a bigger TV. (His TV is ginormous at like a billion inches.) No coffee table. Console. Neutral palette throughout.

After the designing, which started out wonky since I freaked out a bit, we did more grown up activities. As for the wonky, I’m not used to sharing my love of design. Even if I have the best boyfriend who thinks I should do this for a living and wants me to eventually decorate the house his parents will leave him upon death. I just realized he’s not used to this sort of stuff and it felt like I was forcing my favorites on him. And BFG realized that his need to keep everything simple and realistic isn’t fair to me since I never said we’d live here. Only that I’d love to do this kind of design since I’d be a grad student and some space to work in. The table is big enough for us, with comfortable chairs we can use later if we have company. Multi-purpose.

There’s not a lot of his stuff placement since the shelves for his art and custom figurines need to be made. And I’m thinking the dead space where I took the dining room look from would be good. A small, about foot wide, space could be floor to ceiling. And of course, I’d share book case space since my computer desk hides my college studies away. I want to have some hanging shelves in various heights/lengths, too.

He’s very pragmatic and that can sometimes translate into putting me down without realizing it. But he’s learning. Slowly. I’m always looking at the positive/negatives, but I don’t always feel the need to say anything. I look at the options and choose the one to dream upon.  I still plan for other things, but I’m pretty spiritual and he’s not. Another separation since he doesn’t always realize I see the truth, I’m simply putting positivity back into the world and hope it lands on me. But we made up and all was well. We’ve only gone to bed mad once..and that was to teach him the value of my feelings and needs. It’s a growth process, but he is growing. Just like I’ve grown for him.


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