So the point of this blog can be found here where I express why this site exists. For multiple reasons, this is my documentation of the relationship. Sometimes we’re clever and sometimes not so much. We’re the average international couple trying to find our way and to establish our relationship and how to eventually live together in domestic bliss. It’s a short run so far on our relationship but it works.

So the name thing has reasons:

BFG (Big Friendly German): a take on Roald Dahl’s Big Friendly Giant because my man is tall at over 6’0 to my just under 5’2. He’s also insanely sleep and kind and amazing  in wanting to help and change the world. And, of course, he’s German. It’s not the only name I have for him, and in fact, I’ve never called him BFG to his face. Secret identities: not just for superheroes!

Spitfire: He calls me Kitten, with my blessing, and a kitten has claws. I’ve got a huge, fighting personality when I hold as much love and companionship for him. He’s the light and love of my life. I can spit fire, anger, and vitriol when I need as a Southern woman. Born and raised in Atlanta, no less. So it’s quite a difference in my explosive personality and his quiet, methodical direction. And the people who hurt him? Find out just how many ways you can eviscerate with a single word or phrase.


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